Some speciality how to impress the commission

Some speciality how to impress the comission

Let’s talk some words about some excellently completed works and how they can impress your commission and make them do your wish. These articles can be your starting point if you want to make your mark in the marine environment, or they can be the end if you want to move to another level. Whichever way, you want, you need to have a huge base of publications and successfully completed works to show that you can deal with your environment and make the best of it, not only for the next few years, but for a long time to come. In this article, we take a look at some of the articles that can show you the way to success in your academy papers, articles, and research. They include;


The best way to impress your academy or scientific director is to present exceptional examples of your academy papers, essays, or articles. They must be complete and flawless, free from plagiarism, and interact perfectly with each other. The best way to impress them is to create a base of such publications and pass them on to your students or give them as gifts.

Annotated Bibliography

Sometimes, during the literature review, the guide may ask you to indicate your reference or bibliography. In this case, you don’t have to include the extra information in the article, only write the information that is required. Some supervisors or institutions may require you to include this information in your report but not the rest of the bibliography. In this situation, you have two options; you can either create an annotated bibliography or leave the writing part to the annotated bibliography. Whichever way you decide to do it, it is essential to realize that if you include the reference in the text, it has to be sandwiched between the introduction and the list of abbreviations. If you choose to do it the annotated style, then you have to include this reference at the end of the document.


Sometimes, the content that you include in your academy paper may be very long, and if you include the literature review in it, you may find that you have more than enough texts to cite, but you don’t have enough time to write them all down. In such a case, you have to paraphrase the literature. Paraphrasing is a smart way of writing content that is similar to the source material, but it is intellectually property of yours. Remember, you are free to use any format that you would like for the paraphrased content, as long as you include a citation for the original authors.

Have a Font They Can Count On

Academic writing is one of those disciplines that rely on font a lot. Unless you are using a lot of abbreviations or secret writing a movie review symbols, most academic papers usually use standard font, for instance, Calibri, 12 points. If your professor requests otherwise, ensure that you use the recommended font that they provide.